Central America: Belize

Belize was a pleasant surprise. Colorful, lively, informal – I felt instantly welcome here. The people are humorous and friendly.

Our first stop in Belize (after half a day on a Chicken Bus and a ferry ride) was the island Caye Caulker. I feel lucky to have experienced this place – a Caribbean island with almost no tourists, at least compared to other spots along the Caribbean Coast. The centre of the island is a sandy main street where the traffic consist of lazy golf carts and bicycles. «Go slow» is the Island slogan, and here you are yelled at (literally) if you make any sign of being in a hurry.

While in Caye Caulker, I also had the amazing experience of snorkeling with sting rays, sea turtles and nurse sharks by the world’s second largest barrier reef. Including a rum party on the boat back to the island.

Our second stop in Belize was the small town San Ignacio, or rather the outskirts where we spent two nights in a jungle cabin. Apart from too many close encounters with spiders (WAY out of my comfort zone), this was a great place to experience mainland Belize. The caving tour we did here was one of the highlights of my trip.


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