Dreaming of…

Christmas! That’s right, I’m a fan. Today I ate this year’s first gingerbread cookie, so now I’m counting down. For the record, I’m not into the hysteria and stress that often come with the holidays, but I do love the ambience of Christmas that has stuck with me since I was a kid. This year I’m planning to have Christmas tree that looks like either of these two:

Source: Klikk.no/http://www.klikk.no/bolig/rom123/personligehjem/article633387.ece
Source: BoligDrøm/http://boligdrom.bloggr.no/Source: Klikk.no/http://www.klikk.no/bolig/rom123/personligehjem/article633387.ece

Come to think of it, just give me the whole room. I would also like my back yard to look like this:

I promise that this will be the only post about Christmas before December. I just had to. Here are some photos from last year’s very cold and snowful Christmas in the Rogaland area of Norway.


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      1. Ja! la oss prøve på det 🙂 eg tror eg e hjemme igjen rundt 22 desember, har eksamen 20 så… Ka med deg? Og kor lenge blir du?? 😉

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